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How a Hat Company Helps Cancer Victims Make a Style Statement

Hair loss is a side effect of cancer that can rob women of their dignity and self esteem. Most wear scarves or traditional caps to hide their conditions and to help them feel good about themselves when in public. Unfortunately, many of these solutions are less than fashionable. With that in mind, cancer victim Kay Gravette began Hats With Heart in 1993 so she could provide stylish headwear that covers hair loss from trichotillonmania, aloecia, burns and lupus as well as cancer. Her designs are more popular than ever and include scarves, turbans and sleep caps.

Classic Turbans Have a Trendy Twist

Although classic turbans can cover the head, most have an outdated look that just adds to hair loss victims’ discomfort. However, styles offered at are fashionable enough to be worn proudly. They are sold in a range of colors and include seasonal as well as year round products. The turbans also cover forehead areas that standard styles do not. Buyers can choose from elegant styles which include suede micro fleece, French terry and stretch velvet.

Jazzy Scarves Add Flair

The collection also includes a variety of colorful scarves that are comfortable and elegant. Unlike typical styles, they are often longer, to make draping easier. Materials are soft against the skin and designed for versatility. They are also easy to put on and often include simple ties in the back. Customers can choose from a wide range of colors and patterns, so there is something for every taste.

Sleep Caps and Accessories Solve Problems

Shoppers can also find comfortable sleep caps and accessories that allow for personalization. One-size-fits-all sleep caps protect the skin during rest. They are available in several colors and include a lightweight fleece style. There are also tie-and-go headbands that can be added to caps, turbans and scares for a fashionable touch. Liners and pads are available to add volume to headwear. There are even moisture wicking caps that fit under turbans and hats.

Women with cancer or other conditions that cause hair loss can now find elegant headwear that solves problems. Companies like Hats With Heart offer a range of comfortable, elegant products that cover the forehead and are easy to put on and take off.