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Become a leader on Instagram: how to attract more followers

A popular place for photography lovers on the world wide web, it should shock nobody that Instagram is among the most popular apps on planet Earth.

This assertion is backed up by the numbers, as about 200 million users logged on the app as recently as April 2017.

From breathtaking sunrise shots at the beach, to a Mom blogger’s new spin on cherry pie, it is easy to understand how this app has a devoted fan base.

Some love this platform so much that they decide to become a content creator. By documenting their life to a highly targeted audience, new generations of influencers have grown up around this social media app.

Those wanting to follow in their footsteps have many skills they need to learn, but above all else, they need draw in more followers from outside their immediate sphere of influence.

There are many ways to do this. Some buy Instagram followers, as they have the financial resources to add a tangible indicator of social proof straight out of the gate.

Those who lack cash have other options, though, as they can make use of strategies that only require patience and the passage of time.

Below, we’ll go over our favorite ways to bring Insta followers into your fold.

1) Harness the power of hash tags

In the days after joining Instagram,  you’ll quickly add the friends and family members who are on this platform, along with all the celebrities and public figures you love. Beyond this point, though, most people find it hard to add many more followers.

If you want to break through this ceiling, start adding hash tags to every post you make.

What does this hyped aspect of social media do exactly? If you tire of what your immediate network has to offer, you can surf hash tags to get in touch with photos that match your exact interests.

Love swaying palm trees and beach side margaritas? Add #travel, #beach, and so on to the description of your posts.

Also, add in has tags according to your location (e.g. #greece), and you’ll draw tons of fresh eyes to your profile.

Just be sure to not go overboard, as there are countless examples of Instagrammers that spam hash tags and alienate people who would otherwise click the follow button.

2) Be in sync with your audience

Having problems engaging with your target audience? There is reasonable explanation that can help explain why you are having issues with gaining followers.

If you upload photos when they are sleeping or when they are busy working, they will never see your works of art.

Post at two times: 2 am or 5 pm EST. The afternoon slot will reach North America during the home commute and 2 am coincides with 7 am London time, which is the height of the morning commute in the UK and Western Europe.

3) Make good content

At the end of the day, putting in the work to actually become a skilled photographer will be the biggest growth hack of all.

Use light – don’t fight it. Play around with shooting angles and keep what looks awesome. Make edits that are bold and see whether people like it or not.

These are the things movers and shakers do – they don’t always work out, but they hit far more home runs than those who play it safe.