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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Must have Fashion Trends for the Spring

Many amazing must-have fashion items were featured at New York Fashion Week. Here’s a breakdown of some sizzling trends that will be all the rage this coming spring season.

Enamel jewelry

Enamel jewelry pieces are a great way to be understated and elegant this spring season. Enamel pieces are often dainty and delicate which is a sparse contrast to the bold jewelry that we have has been so popular this winter. You can pair an animal jewelry with every type of look from modest and understated to flashy and sophisticated.

Overall dresses

Every good eighties baby remembers their Oshkosh B’gosh overall dresses. But these upscale adult versions you can be trendy and static all the same time. And to truly complete the look Drive pairing this trend with Mary Jane flats.

Trendy denim jacket

Don’t be fooled they are not your mother’s a denim jacket. From peplum styles to form-fitting asymmetrical cuts these modern denim jackets are all about making a statement.

Pajama Robe coats

These lightweight reimagine dusters are the perfect accessory for adding a touch of sophistication to casual and dressy outfits alike. And because they come in a variety of styles and patterns it’ll be easy to find one that matches your personal style.

Cropped pants

Crop pants are an excellent way to stay cool and comfortable this coming spring season. And because you can find them in varying styles and a wide array of materials from denim to silk you’ll be able to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe multiple times.

Ankle bracelets

This fantastic nineties trend is making a serious comeback this spring season. But in addition to the traditional dainty ankle bracelets that that eighties and nineties babies are so familiar with there are many oversized and chunky versions of this trend being featured this spring season.

Now that you know the hottest trends for spring be sure to stop by Bloomingdale’s to pick up all of these items and many more. And find amazing deals on Bloomingdale’s merchandise be sure to stop by